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In the modern world, where the key to successful development, growth, and winning is not only financial value, but also directly related to creating environmental and social value, we adopt sustainability as the most fundamental strategic function, and we enable you to reach your future goal by bypassing the current competitive environments.



Reporting Intiative

As an international law firm with over thirty years of professional experience, we are aware of our responsibility to protect the natural environment for future generations. Having adopted this responsibility as a duty within our own organization, we are determined to take a direct and active part in the systematics of sustainability, reduce our individual and collective environmental impact, and contribute to the environmental sustainability and the achievement of global climate change goals through improving our environmental awareness in line with the Sustainability Criteria of the United Nations and European Union, similar to many international leading Law Firms.


In this context, we work in cooperation with all national and international institutions and organizations directly or indirectly. With the responsibility of being a part of the solution, Erkman Law Firm is,


:: A member of AccountAbility, the international validator of ESG reports that provide tangible ESG impacts by setting AA 1000

   Standards on sustainability.

:: A member of Global Reporting Initiative-GRI, which provides the world's most common standards on sustainability reporting, and

:: We have submitted our membership application to the UN Global Compact, which is an interaction and cooperation platform that takes

    responsibility for sustainability and brings stakeholders together.

:: Today, the greatest existential threat against humanity is the climate crisis.


"Today, the greatest existential threat against humanity is the climate crisis. "

17 global

goals for


sustainable development

Sustainable Development Process Management

We established our Sustainability Process Management department in 2020. Next, we prepared our corporate structure and the infrastructure of the services we would like to offer. We established a wide network of different companies and expert professionals in the field of sustainability.We completed our application to the UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. We became a member of the GLOBAL REPORTING INITIATIVE-GRI, an independent International Global Reporting Initiative. During this process, we started to undertake the evaluation and reporting works of the Global Sustainability reports of some public and private institutions. As of 2022, our membership to AccountAbility has been approved and published as an assurance provider for AA1000 AS-SES-AP Sustainability Standard.


As of today, we have attained the competence to carry out the works of public institutions, banks, enterprises, and investors concerning Sustainability Process Management and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Certification within the scope of ESG (Environmental Social Governance), which is shortly referred to as the Sustainability, in accordance with the United Nations and European Union criteria. We provide services in Sustainability Law, International Legislation Compliance and Certification, and Global reporting within the scope of Sustainability, Carbon Management, and Green Transformation, which have improved recently.


We provide support for the legal risk management and legislation harmonization activities of institutions and organizations in Turkey within the scope of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, UN Sustainability Principles, European Green Deal, Carbon Border Tax, to which Turkey is a party, and all other national and international directives and legal regulations.


In addition to Sustainability and Preventive Law activities, we provide consultancy services on program design, project development and implementation, access to funding sources, and process management to provide the financing required by institutions and organizations in Turkey in the field of Green Transformation, Carbon Neutrality, and Sustainability, in accordance with international directives and national legislation.

In current financial markets, non-financial factors are as important as financial factors in making an investment decision.  Organizations, which are satisfied with measuring success only based on financial parameters, condemn themselves to a limited point of view. Today, the key to success is directly related to not only the financial value but also creating environmental and social value. Companies that include ESG items on their strategic agendas and integrate them into corporate policies by conducting their Sustainability Reporting activities attain gains in many areas. Some of these are as follows:

:: Easy access to financial resources,

:: Advantageous conditions in accessing financial resources (long-term, cheap financing),

:: Increasing effectiveness in risk management,

:: The increase in the brand and market value,

:: Increasing the green ratio of the company,

:: Cost savings and efficiency,

:: Reliability and transparency,

:: Awareness in sustainability and its dissemination,

:: Creation of new business opportunities,

:: Qualified labour


Organizations deviate from their future success as long as they fail to include sustainability in their strategic agenda and integrate it into their operational cycles. Those, who are satisfied with measuring success only based on financial parameters, condemn themselves to a limited point of view. Today, the key to success is directly related to not only the financial value but also creating environmental and social value.

:: Correct start with multi-disciplinary process management,

:: Sustainable Development Strategies and Analyses,

:: Corporate Sustainability Reporting,

:: Stakeholder-oriented strategies prioritizing sustainability,

:: Scientific-based goals,

:: Verified reports.

:: Assessment of reporting preparation and needs,

:: Review and comparison of existing reports and communication assests,

:: Development of sustainability communication strategies and reporting roadmaps,

:: Development of institutional capacity, messaging, and positioning,

:: Identification, mapping, and prioritization of stakeholders for effective communication planning,

:: Completion of all horizontal and vertical definitions,

:: Development, design, and production of report content,

:: Development of assurance preparation and assessment methods,

:: Ensuring adherence to global frameworks, standards, and initiatives,

:: Providing assurance concerning AA1000 Standard within the scope of AccountAbility authorizations.

01   Strategy Design and Implementation

02   Management and Investor Relations

03   Stakeholder Engagement

04   Materiality Review

05   Impact Assessment

06   Reporting and Communication

07   Frameworks and Standards

08   Training and Capacity Building

Strategy Design and


We use a systematic and holistic approach to develop ESG strategy to gain long-term advantages. We work closely with our clients to identify areas of value creation, to make a series of alternative future predictions, to test potential options, to create a viable scenario, and to develop a coherent strategy. We also develop a detailed “roadmap” for transition to the future and position the company to continuously improve and renew its strategy over time.


:: Value creation

:: Scenario forecasting and planning

:: Endurance test

:: Corporate and business compatibility

:: Data research and analytics

:: Competitive positioning

:: KPIs and metrics management

:: Planning and using applications



Management and

Investor Relations

We provide organizations with managerial solutions related to the internal processes, procedures, and control systems adopted to manage themselves, make effective decisions, comply with laws, and meet the needs of external stakeholders. We also advise institutional investors, asset holders, and asset managers on ESG portfolio scans, proxy voting positions, corporate governance insights, ESG risk management, and external stakeholder management.


:: Organization design

:: Boards and committees – roles, structure and organization

:: Effectiveness of the Board of Directors

:: ESG risk identification, reduction, and management

:: ESG reporting and disclosure

:: Portfolio scans and reviews

:: Proxy voting positions

:: Corporate participation



Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the process used to ensure that the relevant stakeholders of an organization understand their expectations regarding management, policies, strategies, practices, and performance. The process involves transparent accounting on issues that are important in terms of performance and stakeholders. As a part of this process, the organization must develop innovative and sustainable responses to issues that matter today and in the future.

:: Stakeholder identification, mapping, and prioritization

:: Stakeholder and organizational risk assessment

:: Developing an engagement strategy

:: Planning, preparing, and including stakeholders

:: Facilitating participation and dialogue

:: Monitoring, evaluation, and improvement

:: Communication and reporting




In the context of sustainability, materiality is about identifying and prioritizing achievable sustainability issues, taking into account the impact of each issue on the organization and its stakeholders. Materiality includes explaining the risks and opportunities posed by issues affecting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) areas that have long-term impacts on corporate performance and stakeholders. Erkman Law provides assistance to organizations, which try to designate, prioritize, and respond to sustainability challenges and opportunities.

:: Identification of the problems and fair representation

:: Development of clear and repeatable evaluation criteria

:: Integrated assessment and prioritization approach

:: Accessing to stakeholders and engagement

:: Risk and opportunity assessment

:: Compliance with reporting standards and frameworks

:: Balanced and transparent disclosure of progress and impacts





In the context of sustainability, impact is the reflection of the behavior and/or performance results of individuals or organizations to the economy, environment, society, stakeholders, or the organization. Erkman Law provides assistance to organizations to establish, measure, evaluate, and manage their impact processes that are reliable, understandable, reproducible, and subject to external assurance. These strategies include but are not limited to the evaluation of the quantitative and qualitative effects of programs, products, and services and the development of management recommendations to improve their future performance.

:: Identifying goals and scopes

:: Developing customized assessment tools

:: Proprietary VISA (Visibility, Impact, Sustainability and Impact) Assessment Tool

:: Impact metrics, measures, and KPI development

:: Performance scoreboards

:: Impact reporting and explanation

:: Optimized product and service design in terms of impact

Reporting and Communication


We provide sustainability/ESG content expertise to help organizations communicate their sustainability stories in a rigorous, appropriate, effective, and efficient manner. Erkman Law supports organizations throughout the full reporting cycle, helping them to think strategically about their sustainability communications, align with leading sustainability frameworks, and maximize the internal and external value of their reporting process and outputs.


:: Evaluation of reporting preparation and needs

:: Reviewing and comparing existing reports and communication assets

:: Development of sustainability communication strategies and reporting roadmaps

:: Developing corporate capacity, messaging, and positioning

:: Identifying, mapping, and prioritizing stakeholders for effective communication planning

:: Developing, designing, and producing report contents

:: Assurance preparation and evaluation

:: Ensuring adherence to global frameworks, standards, and initiatives


Frameworks and



As a leading global sustainability framework developer and standard-setter, AccountAbility is knowledgeable in understanding and navigating the universe of sustainability standards, EMS frameworks, local and global initiatives to add value to strategy, governance, reporting, and disclosure of an organization. In this context, Erkman Law guides you in obtaining the required compatibility with its authorization to verify.


:: Evaluation of disclosure preparation and needs according to target frameworks

:: Developing roadmaps by reporting specifically to the framework

:: Supporting ESG statement for investor relations

:: Building framework understanding and explanation capacity internally

:: Preparing and evaluating assurance

:: Framework compliance “health checks”

   (AA1000, UN Sustainable Development Goals, KSA Vision 2030)

Training and

Capacity Development

AccountAbility has a deep-rooted history of working with organizations in the areas of skills, capacity building, and knowledge transfer. Erkman Law combines interactive training programs, business priorities, basic sustainability concepts, industry "toolkits", and practical case studies to increase sustainability skills, knowledge, and awareness among experts, practitioners, and corporate leaders.

:: Developing customized training plans

:: Modules and "toolkits"

:: Interactive workshops

:: Practitioner certification

:: Sustainability leadership and executive training

:: Content collaboration and course development (For example, the AccountAbility Principles

:: Practitioner Course developed with Earth Academy as a component of our Joint training and

    development partnership platform)